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    Daily Walks

    Along Rollezz’s pristine beach, a daily walk can be quite refreshing. Guests can bird watch as they trek the eastern beach shore, called by natives, the north side. You might get lucky and stumble across a piece of ambergris, valued sperm whale waste that is used by some of the perfume industries. Or you can walk along the seashore and catch a glimpse of a beautiful stingray that swims close to the shoreline in the early morning, or pick up a resting starfish in the sand. A beach walk is not only invigorating, but it is also quite therapeutic. There’s not a better way to unwind. Rollezz also offers a walk through the resort’s garden. There you can pick fresh produce for dinner or a light, healthy snack. Along the property, the botanical choices are amazing. The blooming flowers make for perfect photographic memories. Come to Rollezz, take a walk on the beach, snap a memorable photo and share your experience with friends and family back home.

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