Beach Front Dining

It is a known fact that you eat with your eyes before the food touches your palate. At Rollezz, The Bahamian cuisine is prepared for you as if you are family, not guests. From garden to table, many of the fruits and vegetables that are served are grown on-site. While listening to the sea and watching a sunrise or sunset, your eyes dance with joy at the presentation of the dishes, the ambiance of the dining room, and the best service possible. If you haven’t tried Bahamian macaroni and cheese, stew fish, or a hot bowl of souse with Johnny Cake, you’re in for a treat indeed. If you just want to sit on the beach for a light snack, fresh conch salad is prepared on-site. There’s nothing more enjoyable than a bowl of conch salad and cold Kalik. To dine at Rollezz is to sit at the table with family.

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